About this Site and the Photographer

All the photographs on this website are 'all my own work', as is the website.  I started the site for a number of reasons, because I'm an electronics  engineer and like to experiment with technology, and I'm a photographer and wanted to share my photographs with friends and colleagues.

Naturally many of the photographs were taken in Northern Ireland because that's where I live. A large number were taken in the United States, a country I had never visited until the year 2000, but one I have been back to a number of times since, and one that offers never ending opportunities for the landscape photographer.

When taking photographs I try to capture images that first and foremost appeal to me and images that give a faithful impression of the place being visited.  You may therefore judge some images on my site to be 'good' photographs, others are just a record of what I saw on my travels.

I've been interested in photography for some years now but it was the introduction of low cost inkjet printers and digital cameras that really fired my enthusiasm for photography, and  whilst a number of the photographs on my site were taken using photographic film, I now use only digital cameras. 

If you like my site or photographs, or if you have any questions about the places depicted, please feel free to email me. 

Many thanks for visiting my site.

Robert Mayne

Copyright Robert H Mayne