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Ulster Folk And Transport Museum,

Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Established in 1958 by an Act of Parliament, the Ulster Folk Museum was set up to illustrate the way of life and the traditions of the people of Northern Ireland, primarily in response to the speed at which the countryside and people's way of life was changing and the need to preserve and record a heritage in danger of disappearing. 

It's located about 7 miles outside Belfast with the Folk Museum on one side of the road and the transport museum on the other.  The outdoor museum covers a large area so visiting all of the exhibits takes some time

The transport collection is housed in a purpose built facility and as you can see from the picture of the old Belfast tram, despite the inevitable space constraints, the exhibits are well presented.

Further information is avaiable at the official UFTM website:

Ulster Folk & Transport Website

More Photographs of Cultra



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Coshkib Hill Farm

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Old Belfast Tram

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