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The Spelga Dam is situated in the middle of the Mourne Mountains at a height of over 1200ft above sea level and surrounded by six mountain peaks.  It's a small dam but photogenic, or at least I think so, and it's stocked with fish so that's another reason to visit this desolate spot.

These pictures where taken from the shoreline at the outlook , looking towards Pigeon Rock Mountain (right) and Slieve Muck (left). They where taken in February 2004 when unfortunately the snow, which had fallen just a few days earlier, was quickly melting away.

Dam Statistics

Length of the dam1152 feet

Height of the dam 98 feet

Base thickness 102 feet

Concrete 10,000 cubic yards

Capacity 60 million gallons

Top water level 1122 feet O.D.

Catchment area 1340 acres

Water area 148 acres


Spelga Reservoir

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Spelga Reservoir

More Photographs of Spelga

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