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Tollymore Forest Park,

Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.


Granted to the Maginnes family in 1611 by James I. Tollymore remained in the family until about 1685 when, on the death of Bryan Maginnes, it passed to his sister Ellen, and thus to William Hamilton of Ayshire.  The Hamilton's remained owners until 1798 when again through marriage it passed to Robert Jocelyn, 1st Earl of Roden.  Tollymore was sold to the Ministry of Agriculture,  a part of the estate in 1930 and the remainder in 1941.  In 1955 it became the first state forest in Northern Ireland to be designated as a Forest Park.

The forest has four trails the shortest being the Arboretum and Forest Plots Trail (1 mile) and the longest being the Long Haul Trail (8 miles).

The Photographs of the foxgloves, bottom left, where taken on the Long Haul Trail (12 June), whilst the river photograph was taken on the Rivers Trail.

Tollymore is situated at the foot of the Mourne mountains and gets about 156,000 visitors a year, in a park of 630 hectares, so it's certainly not overcrowded.

Further information is available at:

Forest Service Website

Tollymore Forest Park Website

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Cascades, River Trail

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