Grand Canyon Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon defies description. It's one of those places that you really have to visit in order to have any appreciation of the vastness of this geological wonder.  Unlike some scenic wonders, the Grand Canyon is not one of those destinations you see in the distance and whose features unfold as you travel towards it.

Approaching the Grand Canyon from the south on US180 and parking near El Tovar, it wasn't until we arrived within just a few feet from the little wall that runs along the rim that we could see the canyon at all.  All of the splendour hit's in one overwhelming flood of amazement.  Then as I lifted my camera discovered the same thing everyone discovers when they try to take photographs of anything this big, and that's only a fraction of the scene in front of you will fit within the view finder, and a small fraction at that.

In the second picture (right, bottom) you can just about see the Colorado river. Surprisingly, this was the best view of the river from the rim trail!

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Grand Canyon, from the Rim Trail

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Grand Canyon 6

Grand Canyon, from the Rim Trail

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