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Swans3 Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

Hillsborough is probably more famous as a venue for political meetings, that attract so much media attention, than as a pleasant place to spend time. Media circuses aside  it does offer the photographer numerous opportunities and since its only a short drive from my home town, Lisburn, its almost my default option for getting a little much needed exercise, and why leave the house without the camera.

The photograph of swans was taken from the banks of the lake in Hillsborough forest park. Apart from the forest and  lake, stocked with fish, there's a 17th century fort, an 18th century church, St Malachy's, and of course the 18th century house, Hillsborough Castle, which is now open to the public.

The former Market House, the 18th century Georgian style Courthouse now houses the Tourist Information Board  information centre.

Further historical information is available at

Hillsborough Tourist Information Centre

Swans, Hillsborough Forest Park

Hillsborough Fort

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